Hey, I’m Daniel. I’m a creative professional located in the DFW Metroplex of Texas. I’ve called the creative space my home for 15 years by designing websites, designing graphics, writing code, creating email campaigns and automations, spinning up e-commerce solutions, and shooting and editing video. I love working on-site with a big, creative team collaborating on projects, and I also enjoy working remotely from my home studio.


What I do

Let me help you navigate the muddled maze of strategies, technologies and seemingly magical fairy dust of the online world. I focus on proven strategies and technologies to help you get the most out of your online efforts. Learned through 15 years of personal experience, picking the right combination of online technologies will not only save you money, but it will streamline the process of growing your online presence and ecosystem. Check out my services and my resume for more about what I do – I’d love to help!

Web Development

EcoSystem Creation

Video Production

Email Marketing & Automation

Brand Creation

Social Media Marketing


Daniel has been assisting in web design and management for me for the last few years. Everything he does is with excellence. He is an absolute professional and elite in his craft. I've recommended him for countless projects and he always exceeds expectations!

Josh WeatherSinger & Songwriter

I've has the pleasure of working with Daniel on multiple projects over the years and there's a distinct difference that you notice immediately when you have the pleasure of working with an expert. Daniel is an expert in his field. While there's a lot of creatives and people who build technology-based functions like websites etc. Daniel is by far the most detail-oriented and understands business to provide organizations with the right solutions.

A lot of people I've worked within this field are not business or marketing savvy enough to understand design, layout, functionality, and optimal use for the final use of a project. Daniel is the best in the business and the only person we go to for meaningful projects.

His due diligence process is so specific to our needs every time. Making sure we're getting what we need even when we don't know how to articulate it - he brings it to life.

Rodell RazorFounder & CEO X-Factor Capital

Daniel Hannon is by far the most dynamic creative professional I have had the pleasure of working with. Myself being an entrepreneur with a full plate, there is no way I could outsource all the things he was able to support me with growing my personal brand.

He is one of the rare people I have met that has mastered the left side of the brain that helps him create a streamlined efficient ecosystem but also mastering the right side of the brain allows him to help bring your personal unique flavor to your brand. He will help take your online presence to the next level and beyond.

Jeremiah CaptainInfluencer | Entrepreneur

I’m very thankful for the opportunity to work alongside Daniel Hannon in many different areas over the last five years. He is truly an amazing servant to the vision and purpose of others. He is creative and demands personal excellence. His customer service is exceptional. When I asked Daniel for his expertise, I never have to worry about a problem being solved or a project being launched on time. It has been my honor to call Daniel my friend and one of the most valuable assets to my business.

Dusty HammockAuthor | Speaker

Daniel has figured out how to work one step ahead of everyone else in the development space. He created an incredible site that told my story and gave me a greater voice in the market place. And at the same time, kept me on track, took my suggestions and the end result was perfect. We were truly partners together.

Jason PannellSpeaker | Entrepreneur

I have worked with Daniel for nearly a decade in various capacity, and the key thing that sets him apart is EXECUTION with EXCELLENCE. Everyone and their mom these days have good ideas, but few can execute them with excellence and take them to another level. Whether it’s a book launch, a church initiative, a website, branding project, backend development, mobile app, or anything in between…I’ve seen Daniel deliver over and above in every case.

Luke GajaryYouth Pastor | Author

Articulate, creative and detailed, Daniel brings the environments he works in up a notch. During the time I worked with Daniel at KCM, he proved to be consistent, hard-working and knowledgeable. When presented with a challenge, he met it head-on and not only beat it, but usually took the project a step further than anyone expected, knocking it out of the ballpark.

Daniel has the perfect balance between programming skills and marketing know-how, so he can not only build a perfectly functioning website or landing page, but he understands the "why" behind its purpose, giving marketers exactly what they need to take their site to the next level.

Chris MaselliFormer Marketing Director | Kenneth Copland Ministries

In a world of over promise and under delivery...Daniel Hannon and his team are a breath of fresh air. The team is committed to completing your project till its exactly what you want, optimizing your vision and your brand. Daniel was professional, experienced and offered ideas and options to bring my final project above anything I could have envisioned. Daniel Hannon will get it right, get it done and honor your time and financial commitment. I truly believe, he is dedicated to excellence in all ways through the completion of your project, big or small. I will continue to use him on all things that grow my personal brand and social media impact. Thank you again for being amazing at what you do!!!!!

Karen Mayer CunninghamComedian | Public Speaker

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